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Our Process

Here at IEMS, our goal is to make your experience with us effective and convenient. Once you bring your motor in, this is what will happen next:

  • We take complete motor data and combine it with all customer complaints about the motor
  • It’s then given to the techs for testing and diagnostics
  • We completely disassemble the motor, testing the windings, rotor, bearing fits, shoulders and inspect all mechanical parts. This is done to the EASA AR-100 standards
  • All information is recorded and given to the secretaries for proper quoting
  • Once an OK is given we, wash all parts and prep them for reassembling
  • All needed parts are painted, cleaned and repaired as needed
  • We reassemble the motor back together and test run it at full voltage to ensure proper performance
  • When it passes all final tests it is painted and tagged for pick up