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Our Electric Pump Service & Repair Process

Here at IEMS, our goal is to make your electric pump service or repair effective and convenient. Once you decide to have your electric motor repaired, this is what will happen next:

  1. We take complete electric motor and equipment data and combine it with all customer requests and needs for the motors.
  2. All information is then given to the technicians for testing, diagnostics and tear downs.
  3. Disassemble and testing of the electric motor and equipment includes: testing the electrical winding, rotor bar test, measure bearing fits, shoulders and inspecting all mechanical parts. This is done to industry standards.
  4. All information is documented and given to the production department for proper quoting.
  5. Once an approval is given, we wash all parts and prep them for reassembling.
  6. All needed parts are painted, cleaned and repaired as needed.
  7. We re-assemble the electric motor or pump and test run it all at full voltage to ensure proper performance.
  8. When it passes all final tests, it is painted and tagged for pick up.
  9. A full copy of all data and information is available upon request.
IEMS servicing electric pumps
vertical motor being repaired
electric pump being repaired

Electric Motor & Pump Services.

Our services are available 24/7 - Call us at (208) 734-6558
Full rewind and recondition capabilities 1/3HP - 2000HP

  • Electric pump service and repair capabilities.
  • Generator service and repair.
  • Phase converter service and repair.
  • Pre and post season pump station maintenance packages.
  • Low and medium voltage test run capabilities up to 2000HP.
  • Boom truck service with 17 ton capabilities.
  • Baldor warranty and service center.
  • Baldor new motor stocking distributor.
  • A large inventory of new & used motors ready to go.
  • Loaner motors available.
  • Computerized dynamic balancing.
  • Computerized hi-pot testing.
  • Surge comparison testing.
  • Thermal imaging.
  • On & off site balancing.
  • On & off site laser alignment.
  • Fluke power and quality analyzer.
  • Fluke oscilloscope.

Electric Pump Repair Parts We Stock.

We sell electric motor and pump repair parts for easy repairs.

  • Bearings.
  • Capacitors.
  • Special motors.
  • Vertical parts.
  • 1 phase & 3 phase electric motors.
  • 1 phase & 3 phase pump motors.
  • Vertical hollow shaft motors.
  • New & used vertical motor parts.
  • Pump repair parts.
  • Pulley’s & Bushings

We Buy Used & Surplus Vertical Motors.

We buy new and used surplus vertical motors, running or not running.

  • HP range 10HP to 2000HP.
  • RPM range 720 to 3600.
  • Low and medium voltage.
  • Vertical hollow shaft.
  • Vertical solid shaft.
  • Not offering horizontal at this time.

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